Rocky Mountain Pathways Ranch (RMPR) is a 62 1/2 acre traditional dude-style ranch located near Allenspark, CO. The Ranch sits on the edge of the Rocky Mountain National Park, offering visitors breathtaking views and immediate access to hiking trails. Across an 11 day stay, the RMPR program is designed to push students to step out of their comfort zones and into a place of personal growth and development.

RMPR participants take over the operations of the ranch during their trip, caring for the ranch animals and preparing meals. While this may sound daunting, Pathways has a committed and caring support team for RMPR participants, including 10 Resident Advisors, a Facilitator, and a Ranch Manager, all of which have a mix of Emergency Medical Responder and First Aid/CPR/AED training. Under staff guidance, students get to learn how to saddle and ride horses, hike the beautiful Colorado wilderness, and learn about nature and Colorado’s rich history, including Native American culture and beliefs. They also complete academic assignments and engage in team-building and personal growth activities, which help them to discover their strengths as a leader. Students share rooms at the ranch lodge with other same-gendered students and a chaperone.

Every day on the Ranch presents new challenges, leadership development, social and emotional learning and an opportunity to expand students’ perspectives and experiences while making lifelong friends and memories.

rmpr-2“Rocky Mountain Pathways Ranch is a great place for any student that has a desire to learn and develop skills and understanding outside of the classroom. I’ve seen tremendous growth in a wide variety of kids here, and everyone seems to gain something positive from their experiences here – staff and student alike. I believe that the success of our program says a great deal about the people that work here, and I am exceedingly happy to get to be a part of this amazing team.”-Travis Scheele, Ranch Manager

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A Typical Day At Rocky Mountain Pathways Ranch:

  • Morning activities: animal feeding, yoga, etc.7:30 am
  • Breakfast8:30 am
  • Craft activity9:15 am
  • Horseback riding10:00 am
  • Lunch12:30 pm
  • Hike through Rocky Mountain National Forest1:30 pm
  • “Field Day” style games and competitions4:00 pm
  • Students make their own pizzas for dinner5:30 pm
  • Square dancing7:00 pm
  • Ice cream social and ice breaker bingo8:30 pm
  • Lights out!10:30 pm

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