International travel is one of the most eye-opening and life-changing experiences that a young person can have. The opportunity to learn another language, see a different culture and visit places they have only read about in books has the ability to dramatically shift a student’s consciousness and shape their future goals. Pathways In Education is proud to provide several international trips free of charge to students and their families. During these immersive trips, many students develop a passion for travel and multicultural learning, appreciating the opportunity to see the world from a broader perspective. The camaraderie and fresh perspective these trips offer are essential for re-engaging at-risk youth and inspiring them to move forward. Data collected by Pathways has shown that trip participants stay in school longer and graduate in higher numbers.

Pathways currently offers trips to Cuba, Italy, China, and a WWII Expedition!

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Hello Havana!

During this groundbreaking Cuban excursion, students visit local homes and historic landmarks and discuss the Cuban economy with prominent locals. Participants have taken morning nature hikes, visited a vintage car garage, eaten family-style lunches on a fruit & vegetable farm and even learned how to salsa! These activities provide ample opportunity for students to soak up Cuban culture and tradition, changing their lives forever.

Viva Italia!

An 11-day trip through Venice, Florence, and Rome immerses students in Italian culture, cuisine, and history as they come face-to-face with priceless works of art, learn how to make pasta, and tour the Vatican and Roman ruins. Students explore the rich artistic heritage of Italy by taking art classes, meeting local artists and touring museums. Students will also have the opportunity to take that iconic picture with the Leaning Tower of Pisa and visit the Romeo and Juliet house in the city of Verona.  And of course, no trip to Italy would be complete without trying authentic Italian gelato and pizza!


Use this oneNi Hao from Beijing!

The China Program is an 11 day program where students tour the Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors, the Forbidden City, and much more.  Our students will learn about China’s rich history, cuisine, and culture by participating in various activities, attending classes, and even volunteering at a panda sanctuary!  The program focuses on cultural immersion and begins with one day of team building in Los Angeles before the students travel abroad.  Students and staff will fly from LAX to Beijing where their adventure begins!



Coming Soon – WWII Expedition!

Walk in the footsteps of liberating soldiers, government decision makers and everyday citizens who endured the hardships of war in Europe. Students will experience an historical adventure as they tour the WWII European front of London, Paris, Normandy, Germany, and Poland. For two weeks, students will learn about the Blitz in Churchill’s cabinet rooms in London, sightsee in Paris while learning of its Nazi occupation, walk the Omaha beach in Normandy, honor fallen American soldiers at the Mardasson Monument in Luxembourg and so much more. While we’ll learn about the most destructive period in history, we’ll also hear about ordinary people who saved lives and ended the war.

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