Blackbird Farm is a certified organic, non-profit homestead which offers students the chance to learn about themselves through experiencing life on a farm. Across an 11 day stay, students engage in social-emotional activities and homesteading workshops, make friends, and create lasting memories.

Homesteading workshops include harvesting sustainable organic crops (picking much of what they will eat for their meals right from the garden), making jam with farm-fresh fruit from the orchards, tending to farm animals, and learning about healthy eating. With an overall focus on sustainable living, Blackbird Farm participants are encouraged to create gardens to maintain back at their school site and homes, and become ambassadors for healthy eating.

The most poignant and rewarding memories often come from students’ experience at the farm’s high ropes course which is located amid a redwood grove on the property. Students collaborate with their peers to safely test their limits and complete the course while developing critical communication skills, confidence, and trust. At the same time, students discovering more about their strengths as a leader.

For cost information, please contact Heather Clark.

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A Typical Day At Blackbird Farm:

  • Morning Chores7:30 am
  • Breakfast8:30 am
  • Morning Mindfulness Activity9:30 am
  • Garden Homesteading Workshop10:00 am
  • Lunch12:30 pm
  • Barn Homesteading Workshop1:30 pm
  • Snack3:00 pm
  • Food Justice Workshop3:15 pm
  • Workbooks5:00 pm
  • Dinner6:00 pm
  • Night Hike7:00 pm
  • Students in Yurt9:00 pm
  • Lights Out10:00 pm

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